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Keshav Dwivedi

Keshav Dwivedi

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I am from India. I have completed my Masters in YOGA from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.

At my yoga center in Rishikesh more than fifty + students are currently enrolled. I am also conducting online classes and my students have benefitted immensely from them.

My classes are based on strength and balance.
I can design yoga sequences according to my clients need and to get them optimum results.

In my class you'll not only learn yog asanas but also develop mind body awarness as well as physical strength.

Book your first 60min session with me where I will teach you the basics of pranayam, surya namaskar and relaxation stretches. In the concluding 15 minutes we will discuss your requirement and curate your next session plans

So see you soon in my class yogis!

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